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Do you want to gain a mental edge in  performance ? 

Inspiration is easy execution is the hard part, your talent may inspire you but to execute requires a mental edge.

Let Impact The Game, impact your game.

How we help you achieve potential?

Mental Skill Training for Athletes 

Become a mentally stronger athlete with our mental skills training (MST)  programmes to become a mentally tougher athlete.  

Performing better under Pressure 

Using GAZING's Red2Blue strategy we can take you and your team to the next level lfo performance. We are experts at supporting teams to think clearly under pressure and maximise potential.

Sports Psychology for Coaches 

Gain the edge on your coaching by understanding sports psychology and how it can impact you and your coaching.

Performance Profiling

Using MINDFLICK's Spotlight profile get deeper understanding of your functional mindset.

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Who are we? 

We are a company of professionals who have over 100 collective years spent working in learning and performance environments. We have worked with hundreds of teams and individuals from playground to podium level. Some of our current clients are Toyko bound and others in the development stage of their career. Either way, we can help. 

We created this company to support people to take their performance to a new level. We do this by helping them unlock their untapped potential and getting their mental edge. 

Our global experience as practitioners covers the areas of Sports Psychology, Performance Analysis, Coach Development and Coaching.

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Our mental training programmes are tried and tested by athletes and coaches at all levels around the world. Proven to taken their understanding and performance to a new level. 


 ACSC Player 

'This confidence course was amazing. Lots for me to think about and another tool in my toolkit. My confidence on the pitch has improved and it was just a matter of reframing my thoughts.'

See What Our Clients Think


 Hurling All Star 

'I was initially nervous about what Sports Psychology was and how to approach it. The team at ITG delivered amazing workshops and then 1 to 1s to help me get a deeper understanding of what I needed to work on.' 


 Coaching Team 

'Great awareness and attention to detail whilst working with our women's team. ITG provided professional support to kick start our season.'

'Helping you to understand your mindset and behaviour,'

IMPACT THE GAME 40 years of supporting coaches and athletes around the globe to be the best they can be. Join the journey. 

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